Northwest Professional
Supervised Visits
Providing a service for families to maintain and build healthy connections.
“I would recommend
Cathy Eisen (Herford)
to anyone in need of
supervised visitation.”
J. S., Bellingham
                     WELCOME TO NWPSV -
   Northwest Professional Supervised Visits

In times of divorce and other circumstances that
cause separation and family break-ups, NWPSV
staff provides neutral monitoring in a safe
environment creating an opportunity for family
members to pursue healthy relationships.

Trained staff is composed of professionals that
have experience working with families.  We also
provide supportive services for parents and
children reconnecting.

Off-site visitation is provided in Whatcom, Skagit,  
counties and the greater Seattle area. On-site is
available at the office located in Bellingham.

Appointments are available 7 days a week
including holidays. For more information please
email or call 360.689.5654.
“I would recommend Cathy
Herford to anyone in need of
supervised visitation.”
J. S., Bellingham
                                                                       Getting Started

    Before a visit takes place, an intake application package will be sent to you.  It is important to
    take your time and read through all the documents before signing. The intake interview and
    orientation to the program is conducted separately with each parent. The supervisor will go
    over the paperwork taking time to gather some information and explain our services. We
    want to make sure we know what your expectations are and to answer any questions you
    may have. Once parents have agreed to the conditions for participation in the program, visits
    can start.
                                                                        Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide a stress-free and safe environment for children when visiting parents that have
been court-ordered or have agreed to professional observation. We adhere to professional
guidelines of the Supervised Visitation Network as well as standards we developed from years of
professional experience.
Visitation services provided in Whatcom County, Skagit County and the surrounding areas.
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